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The Pure Empathy Free Online Education Forum — as a Cincinnati, OH based non-profit — we have a weekly podcast where we interview different community members, career professionals, entrepreneurs, new start-up companies, business owners, social media influencers, public sector employees, motivational public speakers, fitness/nutrition educators, university professors, financial industry professionals, medical professionals, accounting/finance professionals, athletes, celebrities, movie industry writers, actors, producers, service veterans — Army, Navy, Marines, Coast Guard, Air-Force; white-collar workers, blue-collar/skilled trade workers, large publicly traded company employees, doctors, lawyers, police officers, firefighters, educators, etc.  

If you would like to be featured on our podcast, feel free to email us and we can make it happen! (support@pemarketing.net). This will allow for our youth to be able to job shadow, expand their career researching activities, and to gain insight from real life working professionals about their different career fields.

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We are a US based online publication, weekly podcast, and blog who understands the importance of giving back to our communities and especially our youth of today and tomorrow -- through the mediums of education, learning, teaching, youth-adult mentorship, career-research and job shadowing.


As a non-profit who cares about our community, our fellow neighbors, and our youth of tomorrow -- we provide positive/educational free career-research content via our YouTube Channel, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter.  

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Is to continuously add and to build upon our centralized database online via our website of helpful, positive, and educational topics to give away online to High School college students for free -- along with the general population and any adult who would find our listed information/topics valuable to learn from.

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