Healthy Natural Supplements For Healthy Living and Working Out


The Pure Empathy Education Group

Healthy supplements for healthy living and working out. 

#1. Multivitamin

Even if your diet’s super clean, like the-last-time-you-ate-a-donut-was-during-the-Clinton-years kind of clean, you still might not be getting enough nutrients to sustain muscle growth. Torkos credits things like stress, exposure to pollutants, and consuming fruits or veggies that have been prematurely picked or doused with pesticides as potential causes for vitamin deficiencies. A quality multi can bridge that gap. “Some multivitamins are garbage; you don’t want one that contains lots of dyes, chemicals, and fillers, “ Torkos warns. “That can affect the way the supplement is absorbed and utilized by the body. For optimum absorption, go with a natural-sourced multivitamin.”

#2. Fish Oil

Fish oil has been shown to boost immune system and brain function, prevent muscle breakdown, enhance joint healing, and even encourage fat loss. But a flurry of recent news reports has called its ability to cut heart attack and stroke risk into question.  “Whether or not fish oil can cut your risk of death, heart attack, or stroke doesn’t mean fish oil doesn’t have cardiac benefits,” Torkos says. “ [It] can reduce triglycerides and inflammation in the body, and … there’s a preponderance of evidence that says there are still heart benefits.”

#3. Probiotics

Proper gut function is essential for digestion, absorbing nutrients, and building muscle. Probiotics, often referred to as “good” bacteria for its ability to promote digestive health and boost the body’s defense against colds and viruses, are supps that can minimize or counter the effects caused by the “bad” microorganisms that also reside in your intestines.

#4. BioCell Collagen with Hyaluronic Acid

All the squats, hang cleans, and breakdancing you do can wreak havoc on your joints and connective tissue. Young bucks and fawns might not be feeling it now, but things change. If you stay on top of it you can prevent significant cartilage damage.

Since it’s easier to play defense now than reverse the effects later, Torkos suggests a joint-support formula featuring BioCell Collagen with hyaluronic acid. “It’s a clinically-studied and patented formula that’s been shown to strengthen cartilage, lubricate joints, stimulate joint cells, and promote healthy connective tissue,“ she says. Glucosamine and chondroitin are two other viable supplement options for joint support, but they can take a long time to absorb

#5. Tongkat Ali

Most of our jobs don’t involve exercise, which means we might require an energy boost to make our workouts count. Caffeine and green tea are acceptable options — the former being a natural nitric oxide (NO) booster and the latter containing epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) that can kick-start your metabolism—but ultra-sugary and caffeinated energy drinks like Monster and Red Bull should be used sparingly. “If you have an undiagnosed or underlying heart issue and you take something that cranks your heart [rate], it can be problematic. I’d recommend something safer on the system.”

Eating healthy – secrets to a long lasting life…

Yes, it's possible to eat certain foods and boost your longevity. Often labeled "super foods," these foods have the ability to not only strengthen the immune system, but to also fight disease, and lower body fat and cholesterol.

All of these health benefits can help you live a longer, healthier, and happier life.

Some super foods contain substances called antioxidants and phytochemicals, which work together to fight disease and promote a long life.

A majority of these foods work best when they're combined with a well-balanced diet.

Common Super Foods For Boosting Longevity

Certain types of fish, particularly fatty cuts of fish, contain healthy fats that help lower cholesterol and prevent heart attacks. These foods may also reduce depression. Salmon, trout, and mackerel are among the top choices. These fish contain valuable omega-3 fatty acids

Tomatoes are valuable because they contain lycopene, which helps fight free radicals. Free radicals can damage the skin and vital organs. Lycopene also helps stimulate the immune system; some studies show it might prevent the progression of certain degenerative diseases, and protect against prostate cancer.

When it comes to broccoli, your mother had it right. Broccoli could be considered the number one super food; many experts agree that if you can eat just one vegetable, these green guys are your best bet. Broccoli contains large amounts of vitamin C, calcium, and fiber, and can help prevent bone loss, fight disease, reduce your risk of heart disease, and even boost your immune system.

Garlic is a wonderful supplement that acts as a powerful anti-viral which can reduce your chances for catching colds and common infections. Garlic also has many natural anti-oxidant properties. Fresh garlic contains the most nutrients, although it's also available in capsule form. Spice up your favorite dish with some dried garlic for an extra boost.

Oats, like many other types of grain, are high in soluble and insoluble fiber, which help protect the body from colon cancer. This high-fiber cereal keeps you fuller longer, aiding in your weight loss efforts. Oats also help build strong bones.

Green tea helps stimulate your metabolism (a bonus for anyone trying to lose weight) but also helps prevent the oxidation of cells in the body. Green tea is also thought to be an immune system booster. It's rich in antioxidants and certain vitamins, including A, C and E. Replace your after-dinner coffee with this brew, and your body will thank you.

Yogurt contains "friendly" bacteria, which help maintain the intestines and keep the bowels regulated. It can also suppress yeast overgrowth in both men and women. High in calcium, yogurt is also believed to act as a natural appetite suppressant. Soy yogurts contain these same live cultures, so don’t let a dairy-free diet stop you from getting these essential nutrients.

Nuts scare most people away because of their high fat content, but they're actually very good for you. They contain healthy fats, part of a well balanced diet. Some nuts, particularly brazil nuts, contain selenium, which helps prevent certain types of cancer.

Beans (kidney beans, black beans, navy beans, and more) are rich in folate, an important nutrient— particularly for women. Eating an adequate amount of folate helps prevent birth defects in newborns. Beans are also a cholesterol-free protein source, and high in fiber.

Popeye has it right when it comes to spinach. This super food is rich in vitamins A and C, folic acid and magnesium. All of these work together to help reduce the likelihood of cancer and even help decrease the risk for heart disease.

Most mushrooms contain a substance that stimulates the immune system. Mushrooms are often used in natural therapy to help fight off illness. Some mushrooms (shitake, enoki and reishi varieties) also have anti-cancer effects.

Bananas are a great super food for athletes. They're rich in two essential nutrients (potassium and magnesium) that aid in proper hydration, and they help reduce the likelihood of muscle cramps. They also provide a good source of soluble fiber.