Job Boards That Can Help You -- Find Employment Upon Graduation or During School


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Job Boards Than Can Help You -- Find Employment Upon Graduation or During School

Below are some of the top job boards for seeking employment to help you find a job fresh out of college. -- a "one-stop" job site, where job-seekers can search more than 350 major job sites with more than 3 million job openings and create an online resume that is posted to thousands of employers. Also includes some great career articles, tools, links, free email accounts, and much more. Free to job-seekers. -- where job-seekers who are looking for a recruiting professional (headhunters, executive search, staffing firms) can search a database of more than 10,000 recruiters. Search by company name, specialty, or location. Free to job-seekers. -- where all job postings are no older than one week. Job-seekers can search for jobs by location, skills, benefits, job type, or company as well as post your resume. You can also get a confidential mailbox and sign-up for a job matching service. Free to job-seekers. -- a job search engine for direct employer jobs only,collecting job postings from the corporate career centers of thousands of companies, indexing more than 2 million jobs at any time. Job-seekers can search job postings, register for email alerts. No cost to job-seekers. -- a general job board where job-seekers can search job postings by keyword or browse by state or job function. You can also create an email job agent as well as find some career resources. Free to job-seekers. -- a meta-search job site that pulls job postings from more than 500 places, including the major job boards, the top 200 newspapers, hundreds of professional associations, and company career centers. Job-seekers can search for job listings by (what: title, keywords, company; and where: location). No cost to job-seekers. 


The Interview Exchange -- a new concept in job boards, where job-seekers who are interested in job listings are rated based on how closely you match the qualifications in the job posting. Job-seekers can also post your resume and receive e-mail job matching notification. Free to job-seekers. -- a mega-meta job site, where job-seekers can use a simple job search interface (searching basically by keywords and location) to find thousands of the job listings from hundreds of the best job sites. You can also browse jobs by category, find career resources, or learn about continuing education opportunities. No cost to job-seekers. 

  • -- Mid-Atlantic's largest non-newspaper affiliated job board that provides careers, content and community to jobseekers -- operating in CT, DC, DE, OH, MD, NY, NJ, PA, VA and WV. Job-seekers can search or browse job listings, as well as post your resume. -- a Twitter-based job search engine where job-seekers can discover truly fresh job leads (no older than 9 days) by searching Tweeted job listings. Create a Twitter-based resume. Includes a useful blog. Great tool for job-seekers. No cost to job-seekers. 

Jobfox -- a job-matching site for job-seekers, which uses its Mutual Suitability System -- an in-depth profile system used to learn about your experience, wants, and needs -- to then present you with only the opportunities (rated on a 5-star scale) that match your profile. (Employers participate in this same process.) No cost to job-seekers for basic services. 

Jobirn: Insider Referral Network -- a unique job site that is a combination of job board, online interview system, and employee referral system that connects job-seekers with employees inside the company where you would like to work -- to help get a referral to ideal job. No cost to job-seekers. 

Job Search Shortcuts -- a great job-search site that provides links directly to more than 20,000 company career centers job listing Web pages in 41 metropolitan areas nationwide. Jobs are categorized both by city within each metro area as well as alphabetically -- and links send job-seekers directly to the employer. No cost to job-seekers. 

JobShouts! -- a job search engine integrated with social media, helping to create connections and deliver better matching results for job seekers, which delivers real-time job postings and automated one click searching across multiple social networks simultaneously. No cost to job-seekers. 

Jobs in Pods -- a Web 2.0 job site in which job-seekers can listen to employer "jobcasts" -- audio interviews from employer HR managers/employees that discuss corporate culture, benefits, etc. At the end of each podcast you're instructed on how and where to apply to the jobs you just heard about. Each podcast also comes with a blog post which lists all the relevant links and information about the employer and job listings. No cost to job-seekers. 

Jobs.NET -- job-seekers from all over the world can browse or search for jobs, post your confidential online resume, and receive job-hunting tips and advice. Job posting can be searched by just about any criteria, including keywords, location, recency of posting, salary, job title, industry, company size, and more. Free to job-seekers. 

JobsINBOX -- an international job search engine and networking site, where job-seekers can find relevant job postings from around the world through a matching process based on key skills. You can also create communities of your work interest, offer/receive advice/info/help from others with the same interests. No cost to job-seekers. 

Jobzerk -- a self-proclaimed world's first community and socially-driven job site, where job-seekers can easily interact with other members and publish useful information about themselves, the job search, or hiring process. No cost to job-seekers. 

Juju -- an interesting resource -- one of the best, where job-seekers can search 15 different job sites (including CareerCity, CareerMosaic,, JobOptions, NationJob, and others) using keywords that describe your preferred job, as well as a preferred location. Free. 

LatPro -- the worldwide leader in online employment for Hispanic and bilingual professionals, where job-seekers can search thousands of job listings from pre-screened employers, post multiple resume versions, create an email job agent, and access other career resources. Free to job-seekers. 

LinkUp -- a job search engine that only lists jobs taken directly from more than 20,000 legitimate company Websites. The site claims it only shows current openings; listings are removed if a company removes the posting from its Website. Job-seekers can search job listings (by keyword, location) and apply directly to the employer. No cost to job-seekers. -- lots of features and benefits to this job site where job-seekers can search for job listings by first narrowing choices by state and major city. You can also post your resume, audio resume, video resume, and portfolio items after registration. For an additional fee, you can obtain addition space to post even more information. No cost to job-seekers for basic services. -- one of the oldest job sites on the Web, with several hundred thousand jobs worldwide. Also includes career advice and relocation services for job-seekers, as well as an auction-style marketplace for independent professionals. 

myCareerSpace -- where job-seekers can search for jobs (by category, region, or keywords) and post up to five different resumes that you can then use to apply to job openings online. Also includes other job-seeker resources, such as career expos, relocation, insurance, and more. Free to job-seekers. 

NationJob Network -- an online job search service with thousands of current job listings and company profiles. Includes an email service that send you jobs that match your qualifications and interests. 

Net-Temps -- a site where job-seekers can search thousands of job listings or post your resume. Includes contract, temporary and permanent employment postings. Also includes career development articles, tools and resources. A top site. Free to job-seekers. -- takes the job-seeker's qualifications and preferences and matches them with the employer's requirements. You can also search job listings by keyword and location. Free to job-seekers. 

Simply Hired -- a job search engine where job-seekers can search job listings by keyword and get results from a multitude of sources. Also offers you the opportunity to get updates when new jobs are posted -- by email, social networks, blogs, your homepage, and even your mobile phone. Free to job-seekers. -- largest job site for part-time and full-time hourly jobs. Job-seekers can search for a job by type of job or by location, as well as register for email alerts. Also includes career resources and advice. Free to job-seekers. -- a free career site for all job seekers from the Allegis Group. Job searches, online resume posting, job alerts, and career tools, are a few of the many features available to job-seekers. You can search for jobs by job categories, keywords, location, and date the job was posted. Free to job-seekers. -- a job site that lists the top jobs from numerous "niche" industry and geographic-specific job boards. Job-seekers can search for job listings (by category, location, job title, and job detail keywords), or go directly to the individual job boards. Free to job-seekers. 

TweetMyJobs -- with 8,000+ vertical job channels segmented by geography, job type, and industry, this site is able to connect employers and recruiters with job-seekers instantly any time a new job is posted. Simple register to get instant notification of newly posted job opportunities and internships. No cost to job-seekers. -- a job search engine for Twitter, where job-seekers enter search keyword(s) and receive immediate results of tweets for job openings. No cost to job-seekers. 

USAJOBS -- a one-stop source for job-seekers seeking information about jobs and employment with the United States Federal Government. Job-seekers can search for jobs (by keyword, location, and occupation), post your resume, and register for a job-matching email service. Also includes lots of other resources and tips for finding employment with the government. Free to job-seekers. -- a national employment network formed by an alliance between two nonprofit associations to provide job seekers in all industries and occupations, entry-level to chief executive officer, employment and career opportunities nationwide. Search postings or browse by company. No cost to job-seekers. -- well-known for its insider reports on thousands of companies, this site has branched out into recruitment and has more than 150,000 job postings from about 27,000 employers, which job-seekers can search through multiple criteria (such as job categories, keywords, location, experience level, posting date). Job-seekers can also sign-up for an email job criteria matching service. Free to job-seekers. -- a great site for veterans and transitioning military personnel and their family members. Job openings for all levels and types of jobs. You can search for jobs (by type, keyword, and location), as well as post your resume. Includes other key resources for vets. Sponsored by Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States. Free to job-seekers.


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