Pure Empathy Online Free Education — Podcast — Non-Profit

Our website contains a plethora of positive and educational topics that are extremely beneficial for HS/college students — and all adults to learn/know about!

We are a non-profit company, we try to provide value and share with our followers/fans through the mediums of learning, reading and education. 

As a US based non-profit we also understand about the importance to give back to our communities and especially our youth of today and tomorrow -- through the mediums of education, learning, teaching, youth-adult mentorship and job shadowing.

If you if an employee or employer and if you would like to be on our video podcast show please reach out to us and send us an email to inquire and to get a hold of us! (support@pemarketing.net) 

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Our Mission

Is to continously day-by-day to add and to build upon our centralized database online via our website (www.pefree.net) of helpful, positive, and educational topics to give away online to HS, college students for free -- along with the general population and any adult who would find our listed information/topics valuable to learn from:)

“What I know is, is that if you do work that you love, and the work fulfills you, the rest will come!”

”Job Shadowing is fun, awesome, and very important for our youth of tomorrow to embark upon!”
— Oprah Winfrey / PE Online Group

Educational Topics Range From:

  • Help With College School Scholarships That Are Available -- How To Find and Fill Out

  • The Important of Budgeting -- Personal Finances

  • Financial Literacy

  • Healthy Eating Tips -- Nutrition Information

  • Free Resume and Cover Letter Templates To Download

  • Having a Good Credit Score -- Why it is Important

  • Online Podcast: Youtube Channel With Interviews -- Online Job Shadowing Opportunities for Viewing Audience

  • Important of Job Shawdowing

  • Resume Importance and Help -- Templates Available Online

  • Career Development and Progress Tips

  • Job Outlook Information For The Next 10-20 Years -- Facts

  • Saving -- Retirement Tips

  • The Important of Body Movement and Working Out -- Health Fitness

  • Mentorship

  • Reading, Learning, Eternal Search For Knowledge, Why it is so Important

  • Tips for Buying vs. Leasing a Car